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Codegen for Echoprint Echoprint is an open source music fingerprint and resolving framework powered by the The Echo Nest . The code generator (library to convert PCM samples from a microphone or file into Echoprint codes) is open source (MIT licensed) and free for any use. Homebrew’s package index A simple example of using the EchoPrint Codegen to fingerprint an mp3 file and look for a match on EchoNest. For OS X or iOS using Cocoa and Core Audio. - EchoPrint Codegen Cocoa Example.m There are two modes of operation of the Echoprint codegen: the codegen library (libcodegen) is meant to be linked into code that passes it a buffer of PCM data and will output a code string. the codegen binary runs standalone, accepts filenames as inputs and runs in a multithreaded worker mode. Echoprint Codegen wrapper for node Last updated 7 years ago by psirenny. MIT · Repository · Bugs · Original npm · Tarball · package.json

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